Key indicators suggesting brake check-up:

          • An audible high-pitched squeal during braking.

          • Unusual scratching or grinding sounds even when brakes aren’t applied.

          • Experiencing vehicle shudders or vibrations during deceleration.

          • Increased pedal pressure is needed for effective braking.

          • Illuminated brake warning signal.

          • The car drifts to a side when brakes are applied.

Understanding the Necessity of Regular Brake Maintenance: A car without responsive brakes poses severe risks. Your braking mechanism consists of multiple parts, all reliant on brake fluid for smooth operation. Consistent brake upkeep ensures that the system responds instantaneously whenever the brake pedal is pressed. Given their intrinsic design, brake components undergo wear due to constant friction and necessitate periodic replacements. Overused brake pads can exert undue pressure on brake rotors, drums, and calipers. Neglecting such issues can lead not only to compromised safety but also to more expensive repair needs down the line.

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