Indicators that your car may require A/C attention:

    • Your car vents emit lukewarm air when A/C mode is activated.

    • The cooling effect is only slightly better than the external temperature.

    • The cabin doesn’t adequately warm up during colder weather.

    • The defrosting mechanism either lags or doesn’t work.

    • The air conditioning is effective only while on the move, not when stationary.

    • On the maximum setting, the airflow from the vents seems reduced.

Understanding the Significance of Timely A/C Maintenance: Neglecting essential A/C maintenance or delaying repairs can escalate into bigger, costlier issues in the future. Our comprehensive review of your heating and A/C system encompasses an evaluation of the interior, blower, fluid levels, compressor belt, potential damage checks, pressure assessment of the cooling system, refrigerant leak tests, and more.

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